The Simplicity of Hiring a Marquee

Hiring a marquee isn’t as difficult as you think it might be. Once you’ve done the ground work in compiling a guest list and placing your order, the hard work is left to your supply company.

With that being said, there are few questions that some potential customers do raise, such as the likely cost and the size of garden they will need. Here we’ll answer those questions, leaving you free to get on with planning the rest of your party.

How Much Does Hiring a Marquee Hire Cost?

The simple answer is as much as you want it to. Dependent on size and the duration of hire, most marquees start within the $500 range and increase from there. If cost is an issue, any good supplier will understand and be able to provide you with something suitable but within your budget. Included within your quotation figure will likely feature:

  • The provision of a standard level of lighting. Any upgrades such as specific colours will likely cost more.
  • Matting will be included, giving your guests something to stand on rather than grass or bare concrete and tarmac.
  • The cost for delivery, installation and removal is also usually included but do ask if there will be any additional charges.
  • Only a very basic level of marquee lining is usually supplied. Anything more elaborate will add to the cost of hire.

To help you in your calculations, a marquee will usually cost anywhere between $30 and $100 per person, depending on specification. The higher figure within the range should include for absolutely everything including a hard floor and night sky if required.

What Sort of Marquee Do I Need?

There is a marquee available for all occasions. The most common types include:

  • Frameless marquees for those with a limited amount of outdoor space or who would prefer a more contemporary design.
  • Traditional marquees can be more attractive but are usually reserved for much larger venues due to their space requirements.
  • Stretch tents are a newly popular option, named as such because they can be formed into almost any shape and are suitable for many different types of surface.

Your chosen supplier will likely have many more different types available so ask to browse through a catalogue.

How Does the Hiring Process Work?

Your first step is to get in touch with your supplier of choice. They will then arrange to visit your venue and complete a quick site survey to ensure that you have enough space. They’ll also offer any other services they provide so feel free to pick and choose as required.

You’ll then receive a quotation, detailing everything you’ve requested as well as the total cost. At this point we would suggest that you contact several other suppliers to see if you can get a better deal. Marquee hire in Melbourne is widely available so don’t feel as if you have to accept the first quote you obtain. We find that most suppliers are more than willing to move on price.

All that’s then left for you to do is sit back and relax as your marquee is delivered exactly when you want it.