Purpose of choosing Children Ballet over any other dance forms

Ballet is one of the most popular classical dances, which came to us from France in the 16th century, but quickly spread throughout the world. It appeared much later – almost a century later. But at the same time the nobility quickly became famous dancers, who even one of the main progenitors of the national Russian ballet.

Modern ballet dancers offer training for children at any age of both sexes. And it should be said that over the last decades the ballet has not only lost its relevance, but it has become even more in demand. Throughout the world, men and women devote their lives to the dance and reach incredible peaks.

The ballet nevergoes out of fashion

At the moment, there is just a lot of ballet festivals:

  • International Festival;
  • “Dance Olympus”;
  • The Golden Pointe;
  • Arabesque in Belgium and many others.

The dance is absolutely authentic and unique, beginning with the costumes, ending with harmonious and smooth movements in time with the music. Children ballet practice is harmony, sensuality, the ability to merge into a musical stream and swim with it in one stream.

On the stage and in the school, the abstracted system of plastic expressiveness, behind which the name of classical dance firmly consolidated, found the most complete aesthetic expression.

Ballets have completed the long process of forming classical dance as a system of expressive means. In them, all the searches of the 19th century in the field of this dance are collected, arranged and erected in high artistic rule. At the same time, the terminology of classical dance was finally fixed, and it has been accepted to this day. It was created by eliminating unnecessary temporary elements and selecting the constants that determine the very nature of classical dance. This terminology, despite its conventionality, almost always allows children to discover the roots, establish the genetic sources of a particular movement, posture or position.

Most names determine the nature of the movements they designate, associated with the work of the muscles. Such are the various Batman who represent a significant part of the classical dance lesson and, like many other exercises, are modified in the presence of scenic dance forms.

Classical dance is the basis of all kinds of dances, the main system of expressive means of choreographic art.

Classical Children Ballet can be called the foundation of all the scenic types of dance. Apart from the very statement of the dance as a high art and an independent kind of theatrical action that can develop a story without the help of singing or recitation, the ballet developed the terminology of dance and the system of training dancers, with minor modifications used in other styles. Therefore, children are advised to start with classical dance lessons, even if they later specialize in modern dance, show-ballet or jazz dance.