Keep Sensitive Skin Safe

Many young children are thrilled by dance lessons and it’s almost a rite of passage for some little girls. That being said, just what should you do if you’re little dancer has sensitive skin? Often the tights and leotards can irritate delicate skin and it’s not uncommon for kids to develop a rash. Here’s a simple solution for moms and dads to help them remedy this itchy problem.

First of all, don’t blame the material. Often kids are reacting to harsh chemicals they’ve been exposed to and their dance outfit isn’t allowing their skin to breathe properly. Look for a nature-based laundry product line such as The Honest Company and use the gently products to wash their dance clothes. These organic products can be used either in the washing machine or by hand; either way it’s a good idea to rinse the clothes a second time to remove all residues.

Next look in the bathtub. Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners can all leave a residue on our skin and if your child has sensitive skin it can cause a rash when they wear snug clothing. The answer here is the same: switch to a product made especially for sensitive skin, and make sure they’re rinsing well when they bathe or shower.

Last of all, look for other things that go on the skin such as after bath oils and lotions. Same problem, same solution! Make it a habit of using products designed for delicate skin.

We usually stop using baby products when our kids outgrow the toddler stage, but that doesn’t mean their skin is tough enough to handle lots of chemicals and additives. You can use The Honest Company coupon to try out the products and see if it takes care of the problem you little one is having when they wear their dance outfits.

Organic products use plant based ingredients, so you won’t notice an overpowering scent when you use them. That’s because your regular laundry soap is heavily perfumed, so it may take some getting used to before they smell “clean” to you after washing.

┬áIf using organic products doesn’t do the trick you should consider making an appointment with your child’s pediatrician to see if there is another cause for irritation.