5 Things Good Dancers Do Differently

If you strive to be the best dancer you can possibly be, you’ll have to do certain things differently to set yourself above the pack. Buying many discount dance costumes is one way to fill your wardrobe with fresh, new, and exciting ensembles without breaking the bank. Mastering the hottest dance moves is obviously also another way to reach the top of your game.

With that said, we’ll take a look at five things good dancers do differently to set themselves apart from all the rest. If you’re dancer, please take this advice to heart and use this info to further your chances of achieving lasting success.

  1. Stop Dancing Solely to Impress Other Dancers

Sometimes, dancers have a tendency to solicit a reaction from other dancers. There’s nothing wrong with trying to cause your audience to experience emotions, but the purpose isn’t to draw this reaction from other dancers.

When you dance, you should do so to give the audience a beautiful experience. You shouldn’t dance to receive accolades and adulation.

Remember, giving is much better than getting, so get in touch with your true self, feel good about your performance, and you’ll ultimately look amazing as well. People will be impressed and you won’t have to try to their love and respect as long as it’s coming from the right place.

  1. Always Remain a Student of the Game

If your mindset remains fixed, and you continue to believe that you’ve already mastered your craft, you’ll never grow and be a better dancer. Sure, you may be a very good dancer at this point, but you’ll need to open your mind and continue to learn in order to become a great dancer.

As a student, you should avoid being competitive and envious of other dancers. Instead, focus on learning new moves, practice every day, and taking the necessary steps to get better and better as time goes by.

  1. Discover the Joy in Your Dancing

A good dancer always recognizes the joy in doing something that they love. By recognizing this fact, you will be able to remain vigorous and motivated to continue to perform at a higher level.

As a dancer doing what he or she loves, you will become addicted to the life and the personal rewards you experience. Plus, this will bring about further growth as an additional side effect, all because you’ve focused on the hard work and joy of doing something you’re completely passionate about.

  1. Good Dancers Are Committed to Getting Better at Their Craft

For those who plan to be a good or even great dancer, you have to make a lifelong commitment to becoming the best at what you do. Now, we’re not saying you have to be better than every other dancer. On the contrary, you just need to focus on becoming a better dancer today than you were yesterday.

When you commit to dancing at this level, your performance will improve, you’ll become a better team player, and you’ll begin embodying everything you love that will ultimately take you to the top of your field.

  1. Focus on Taking Care of Your Body

To remain a good dancer, you must focus on taking care of your body. Otherwise you’ll put the wrong fuel in it and you’ll feel sluggish, tired, and you’ll possibly injure yourself if you aren’t careful. So eat a healthy diet, give yourself plenty of rest and recovery time, and treat yourself well to remain in good physical health.


If you take this advice, these five suggestions will not only help you remain a good dancer, you’ll eventually become a great dancer in short order. So use these suggestions to your advantage and your career will continue to grow and blossom.